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How to market a fashion blog


A fashion blog is a web page or website that is regularly updated and is written in an informal way that matters about fashion. A fashion blogger writes about clothing and lifestyle and showcases jewellery and pictures of fashion. A fashion blogger can be a journalist, model, stylist or fashion enthusiast. People start fashion blogs for different reasons, like to inform about beauty tips and trends, advise people on what to wear for different occasions and what not to. It helps network; one can write about what they love and develop creative skills. A successful and popular fashion blog means more business and partnership with fashion brands, meaning one can make a living. To learn how to boost your ecommerce exposure, visit and see feedback from customers, experiences and complaints. Go to smart hosting reviews. To understand how to grow your website’s traffic, go to SEO. Here is what to do to market your fashion blog;

1. The brand should look consistent

It is essential to have your brand looking consistent in every platform you seek to market. It makes customers identify with your brand and eliminate confusion by fashion brands that would like to work with you as a blog. A consistent brand sells itself because the mention of a logo, a colour, a style, a pattern or letters will bring your blog to mind making it easy to sell.

2. Invest in the blog

Your blog is the window of what people see. It is your shop, and people buy things or watch it. Ensure its look fabulous, classy, and inviting from day one with that in mind. Ensure that it is updated with the latest trends and make the viewer come back as many times as possible. Ensure that the first thing that comes to the customer’s mind is yours when they think of your blog. It shows trust, and a hundred per cent is what the blog presents.

3. Create styling guides on the blog

To bring more people on board to watch your content, help your viewers dress up by giving patterns, what works with what, for different body shapes. Your customers might not know what to wear as you are, and helping them out invites them for more of your content. Remember, more views are essential.

4. Use videos as often as possible

Statistics show that content creators who use video to market generate more than 40% more than others. The reason is that they capture a more audience and people connect more to voice and video than words. It is because videos are straightforward to follow. Videos can be used as ads, for email marketing campaigns, for websites and can generate income.

5. Create a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube Channel is equally essential now that you use videos to promote your fashion. You can reach more customers and create a community of fashion lovers who can subscribe to your channel. A YouTube channel is prolonged compared to short videos, and people understand what you communicate. You can run your videos as ads on the YouTube channel as a bonus.

6. Be consistent and have quality

The blog connects you to the world, and it is a way to share free and helpful information and a way to market your blog. Being consistent and giving quality to your blog will help build your blog’s SEO hence generating traffic. You will create a community that convert to customers and help people have brand loyalty. Achieving that will lead to partnerships that will help you grow as a brand.

7. Partner with well-known social media influencers

Partnering with a fellow blogger is a great way to market your blog. They could be models a fellow blogger, especially in the same line of interest. It will help you grow your customer base and help you learn what they do to go big. People on their platforms will come to see what you do, and some will like what you do for sure. You will also help them grow their brands through the people that follow your blog.

8. Partner with the local stores

Partnering with local stores is important because you give them an online presence. You build a community offline, and you help to promote their collection. They will tell their customers and will likely help grow each other online and offline.

9. Go for the ad scheduling

Did you about ad scheduling? It is a feature that means ads run or are shown at specific times of the day. Understanding this will help you pay to run your ads only when many potential blog followers are active online. It is a powerful tool to market your blog and make it grow.

In conclusion, social media is essential for growth and the best way to gain customers. Market and put in the work, and you will be surprised at the roots.


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